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Established in 1999, we are an independently owned business and market leaders for the marketing of UK and overseas holiday cottage accommodation online.

Working in partnership with holiday cottage businesses of all scales, including some of Europes largest players and down to the family business, we bring the business to the 'market'.

Click on the index on the left and holiday cottage business listings will be displayed in this white area. Click on the picture/listing to rent a holiday cottage in that area.

We especially focus on the UK but english language web sites covering other areas of Europe and the rest of the world are featured as well as some useful travel information.

Rather than list UK holiday cottage businesses by area, we decided to put them at random into 'selections' so that visitors can be inspired by less touristy areas and easily find them again.

Some businesses manage the letting and/or booking of the accommodation while others hold data bases on holiday cottage owners*.

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For holiday cottage businesses who do not yet offer affiliate marketing, there is a charge for an entry which will link people straight to your web site.

As a special introductory offer we are happy to offer you a FREE 6 month trial. Thereafter, the cost for a listing is just 75 per country selection per year. There are no further costs which represents excellent value in comparison to Google charges.

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